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This catagory is for 2D Fighters, such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Soul Caliber, etc.
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From Saint Seiya
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These sprites are from the game Mortal Kombat
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This gruop classifies a sprite as Anime primarily. It may have a game associated with the sprite, but the sprite is more often known for an anime (or manga)
Hentai (Users Only) [17]
This section is of adult materials that may not be suitible for minors. Even though the sprite may not be completely nude nor appear nude, if it is in this section, nudity is shown, whether nothing is being worn under a skirt or dress, or an animation shows nudity.
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[ Download from this server (7.56 Mb) ] 2009-01-14, 8:39 PM
Category: Anime | Added by: Cuelex
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