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Infromation about the Website, Thank You for Visiting Guest
*If your looking for a certain character, please type it in the forum. I will do my best to upload it soon, if I have it. If not, I will try and find it and upload it.
*If you have a lot of characters already, please check the forum every once in a while to see if someone is requesting a character you already have.

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Almost a year since i have changed anything on the site. My apologies about that. I have had time to collect more characters.  I will be checking in a lot more and adding more to the site. If anyone has any problem or needs anything added, let me know ASAP. Of course, PMs are always the quickest. That and the Forum, at least there others may be able to help. As always, please register with the site if you download. No body sends emails, just internal messages. And its always good to see who is downloading and commenting.

And also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if any link is broken or a character is broken. Broken things do not belong on this site... only fixed things that work well.



Good news all, I have not forgotten about the site. And, all MUGEN files have now been recovered. So, I will start uploading more. Computer crashes are regretfully a part of life. And recover is a pain, especially while traveling all the time. But, I am glad we are getting close to 100 registered users. That’s awesome. Make sure to put in the forum what you are looking for and I will do my best to get it. Or I am sure if I don’t have it or cant get it, someone will be able to help. By this weekend, there will be several more uploaded characters. ALSO! I will be uploading the 7zip program i use to zip my files. I have been asked about this several times. 7zip is a wonderful compression tool. It can replace all of your compression software (winrar, zip, etc). And its free!!!!! OH THE GREATNESS OF FREEBIES!!!!!


Hey all, i know its been a while since I have updated the site, and I apologize about that. I have received quite a few emails/pms asking where I went. Please make it a habbit to register the site. I do not send out emails, but its good to know who is commenting and stuff. Also, please remember that you MUST be a member to view H-mugen. There are no exceptions. I have had repeated requests to make H-Mugen open to guests and visiters, but they will remain for members only. I will be adding more of most catagories very soon. I am still filtering out my stash. As some may know, i had a computer crash and lost a lot of characters. I back up everything, so they were all compressed, but it takes a long time to decompress several gigs on a laptop from an xhd. Also, if you liked dead fantasy below, please give props to the creator, monty oum. There are now 5 out, all of them as good as the first two. But Tifa fans... be warned.
With such limited activity, and the strain on time to upload more MUGEN characters, I am waiting for requests. But, you guys might like this. Its called Dead Fantasy. Actually, this is the second one.If you haven't seen or heard of Dead Fantasy, you probably need to watch the first one first. This is the best one (just because of its length). Its around 10 minutes long, but well worth it. This was created by Monty Oum. Its the digital movie I have ever seen, fanart or not. Take a watch. He has created Haloid, Dead Fantasy, Dead Fantasy II, and we are being told he is creating a Dead Fantasy III. This has absolutely nothing to do with MUGEN, but it was definately sweet enough to add. Let me know if you want the first one added to the site.
Added two more characters I, one of which I have been trying to get for a long time. Oichi (shown below in picture)
Storm (an updated one)
I have added some more characters today, and modified a little.
Broke a 100 characters so far, but so many more to add. Let me know if your looking for more!
-Added: .gif to Starfire download.
-Changed some characters to be downloaded from mirror site instead of home database.


Characters added:
Omni-Psych-H-Dizzy (Find under Dizzy)
Kendo & kyudo
I  have added several characters in the past 15 days, but today I have added some that I like. Also, today I have added 20. All have .gif examples so you know what you are getting.All have mirror download sites to save room. They all can be downloaded from esnips, which a direct link will be give in the file catalog.








Samus (Dark)


Hibiki (Rajaa)

Gil Memuu

Lilith (Hi-Res)

Lilith (Rajaa)

Mech Hisui (Rajaa)

Miyako (Rajaa)

Sion (Rajaa)



Xmas Slime





Characters loaaded today. Sorry for the delay, I will upload more soon. Family emergency this past weekend.


Chameleon (MK) Ermac (MK) Noob (MK) Rain (MK) Reptile (MK) Scorpion (MK) Slash (MK) Smoke (MK) SubZero (MK) Tremor (MK) Scorpion (Animated) (MK) SubZero (Animated) (MK)

T_Ninja (Yellow Teenage Muntant Nina Turtle) Sexy Whip (KOF)  Deadpool (Marvel)






Good news, finally have enough characters uploaded to allow people to get what they want. Mass upload will occur Saturday evening, 17-Jan-2009. Hopefully will get at least 50 more characters added, and have a couple more groups in the catalog.

Stages will come last. I want to get characters added so I can start helping people get their MUGEN together.





Sorry its taking so long to get things up and running 

I am trying to get all the files with animated gifs so you know exactly what your

downloading. Just give me time. Gonna take the site down right now until its

well enough to open.





Hey everyone. Looks like I am finally up and running. As of right now, the plans for the site is to have a MUGEN share. There will be a couple of catagories, first starting off with a 2D fighting, Adult, Anime, and Misc. The Adult section will only be allowed to be accessed by actual users. I dont want it free to the public. I know people will ask for them, they always do. So might as well kill that problem before it happens. If you need a list or update of whats to come, please visit the 'site info' section, the link to it is in the left hand menu, very top section.

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